Piping instrumentation Piping instrumentation

Piping & Instrumentation

Piping & Instrumentation (PI) enables process engineers and designers to easily create piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID). The software intelligently links points of measurements and devices to the schematic circuit diagram or objects in other disciplines and their interactions can be presented logically and checked. Plans in DXF or DWG format are read, augmented with intelligence and “brought to life”. The unique and sequential numbering of the measuring points allows errors in a system to be quickly localized and fixed across the various engineering disciplines, therefore accelerating the engineering process and increasing transparency of the overall design and reducing errors.

Due to the cross-disciplinary and uniform use of symbols from a central database, temperature or fill level indicators created in flow diagrams, for example, can be directly used again in the schematics. Changes are automatically applied across all disciplines. This increases transparency, prevents errors and saves a significant amount of time.

Performance Focus

  • Creation of P&ID schemes
  • Linkage of P&ID measuring points with objects in other disciplines
  • Linkage of measuring point numbers with symbols
  • Display of measuring point numbers in the symbols
  • Import/export of measuring point numbers
  • Automatic numbering of measuring points
  • Overview of resources used with measuring points
  • Quick navigation between components of measuring points via the Measuring Point Manager
  • Searching/Replacing in the Measuring Point Browser
  • Sorting in the Measuring Point Browser

Technology at a glance

  • Symbols as per DIN 10628-1
  • Various media lines as per DIN 2403
  • Conversion of measuring points from DXF/DWG format to logical elements (measuring points)

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