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Electrical Installation

Electrical Installation (EI) enables technical planners and contractors in the electrical trade who are involved with building system technology to plan and document high and low voltage installations, as well as antenna and fire alarm systems. It is easy to handle and is fully integrated with other disciplines such as electrical engineering – from design through completion. In addition to the power distribution in buildings, for example, even the spatial location of resources in machinery, equipment and buildings can be easily planned. Existing floor plans in PDF or DWG format are imported to scale, and all previously planned field devices in the plant and control schemes of the [Building Automation] discipline are drawn into the floor plans and linked to the existing symbol data of the schemes. Cable labels are taken over, cable and material lists are generated, and the program automatically calculates all required material quantities. This facilitates project work as well as the time-consuming preparation of calculations and offers to a high degree.

Electrical Installation is ideally suitable for engineering and planning offices, electrical installers, craftsmen companies, facility managers, electrical system contractors and cabinet builders, as well as maintenance and service companies that specialize in electrical and building system technology.

Performance Focus

  • Design and implementation planning
  • Installation, plant and inventory planning
  • Electrical installation planning
  • Planning of low-voltage and low-current equipment
  • Building system technology.
  • Design of hazard detection systems such as
    fire and burglar alarm systems
  • Schematics, distribution plans and cabinet assembly plans

Technology at a glance

  • Symbols for electrical installation and distribution board construction
  • Symbols as per DIN EN 81346
  • Scaled floor plan creation
  • Import of floor plans and drawings
    from DWG/DXF and PDF files
  • Scaling of imported floor plans
  • Layer management
  • 3D control view
  • Definition of installation zones
  • Definition of housing units
  • Cross-document linkage of
    devices with active anchor links
  • Automatic generation of distribution plans
  • Quantity takeoff

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