Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering (EE) enables engineers and designers to plan, develop and document their electrical control systems quickly. This intuitive and easy to use system can automate many engineering tasks such as wire numbering, creating BOMs, cross-referencing and WSCAD provides multiple symbol libraries within the software and access to over 1.1 million parts on the wscaduniverse.com. Whether you need to create a single line or multi-line schematic, EE is the E-CAD software that will give you the advantage you need by eliminating errors, improving the quality of your designs and reducing your design time.

Performance Focus

  • Planning of electrical equipment and apparatus
  • Design and assembly planning, as well as installation, plant and inventory planning
  • Schematics, distribution plans and cabinet assembly plans in
    installation and automation technology
  • Terminal charts, cable, field devices and material lists
  • IT and telecom systems and network overviews
  • Energy distribution planning for the medium- and low-voltage range
  • Audit planning of existing documentation for maintenance

Technology at a glance

  • Symbols as per DIN EN 81346 / 61346
  • Symbols for electrical installations as per VDE
  • Creation of control cabinet assemblies with components from the project database
  • Automatic management of contactors, PLC modules, terminals,
    cables and part data from different manufacturers
  • Monitoring functions for the creation of schematics
  • Inter-disciplinary functionality
  • Export of all planning data via data interfaces for
    automated manufacturing and processing in ERP systems
  • Export of intelligent PDFs
  • Import of DWG/DXF and PDF files
  • Foreign language translation

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