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Building Automation

Building Automation (BA) is used for creating plant and control schemes. Function lists are structured according to the guidelines VDI 3814 and 3813 for the entire building automation. The symbols placed in a schema are stored with concrete products and related manufacturer data from the supplied extensive database or from wscaduniverse.com. This, in turn, serves as the basis for materials and parts lists and is used for the procurement of materials and price determination.

Extensive symbol and macro libraries and Materials and Data Point Browsers enable rapid processing and simplify the workflow considerably. The integrated data point and signal management allows for easy management of all objects, signals and functions. Plug-ins enable automatic plant and address labeling – starting with an identification of the building, through structure identification, down to signal labeling. Since the CAD/PDF data of external plans from other subsections of technical building equipment such as heating, ventilation, refrigeration and electrical engineering can be easily imported, these preliminary inputs can be used as a basis for further efficient planning, while also saving a significant amount of time.

Performance Focus

  • Planning and documentation as per the guidelines VDI 3814 and
    VDI 3813 as well as the DIN EN ISO 16484 standard
  • Design, execution, installation, plant and inventory planning
  • Format-independent automation schemes
  • Creation of function lists as per VDI 3814 and 3813
  • Automation and field device documentation
  • Output and export of lists for valves, cables, field devices and materials
  • Representation of data structures in functional diagrams
  • Representation of system and network overviews

Technology at a glance

  • Symbols as per DIN 19227 and DIN EN 81346/61346
  • Symbols for building automation and room automation
    as per VDI Guidelines 3814 and 3813
  • Symbols for electrical installation, control cabinet and distribution board construction
  • Automated plant identification key
  • View of detailed data structures
  • System macros
  • Integration of graphics, symbols and external documents via links
  • Import of floor plans and drawings (DWG/DXF, PDF, graphics)
  • Export of valves, cables, field devices and material data
    to Excel and other programs
  • Quantity takeoff

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